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About Us - Background

Utsarga International Pvt Ltd

Our portfolio offers complete line of high quality and competitive products for FM and Digital Radio, Radio Networks, Telecommunication Operators and regulation authorities. Our company’s multitude of equipment and services is in line with the latest technologies and key trends.

The company serves the broadcast and corporate markets – from consumers and small businesses. It is dedicated to the research, design, development, advanced systems and services. 

We pride ourselves on our pre and post-sales support and purchase services, which along with the outstanding quality of our radio gear have won us due respect and the market authority position.

For us there is no stage when we deem that we have reached the most satisfactory level in our work. Experience and hard work are our fundament but the continuous improving process is what we never leave aside. 

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Exclusive Solution Network



Series: Opera plus Family, Model: A07E3000, 3000W


Series: Opera plus Family, Model: A07E4000, 4000W
Utsarga International Pvt Ltd

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